Surf's Up! Melamine Coated MDF Art Project Using Amana Tool® Solid Carbide Dowel Drill & CNC Adapter

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For Your Safety

  1. The methods illustrated here are only intended for use with a CNC machine.
  2. Make certain that the workpiece is secured and that all components of the fixture are securely fastened to the table.
  3. Use a guard, eye and hearing protection at all times.

Surf's Up! Watch as we cut 17,000 clean edge holes ranging from 0" to 3/8" in diameter drilled into 3/4" melamine coated MDF to reveal the surfer girl on a beach.

Amana Tool® 8mm Dia Dowel Drill #217018 inserted into Amana Tool #47644 10mm shank Dowel Drill Adapter for CNC standard collet/tool holder. In fact, we cut this 24" x 48" Surf's Up art piece twice with the same Dowel Drill and the cuts were still very clean after the 34,000th hole drilled!

Feed Rate (IPM): 150
Speed Rate (RPM): 10,000

View the 8mm Dia x 40mm Cut Height x 70mm Long Solid Carbide Through-Hole Dowel Drill #217018 Here.

View the 10mm Shank x 3/4" Dia Dowel Drill/Boring Bit Adapter for CNC Standard Collet/Tool Holder #47644 Here.

Surf's Up! Laminated Melamine Art Project with Amana Tool Solid Carbide Dowel Drill with CNC Adapter, by, Your Source for Industrial Quality Tools!

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