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V-carving a sign on the Stepcraft M.1000 CNC machine using the Amana Tool® 90° Insert V-Groove no. RC-1141 router bit.

Download and purchase the customizable plans here.

This solid carbide insert V-groove router bit left a perfectly clean cut especially with the built in clean up pass in the Vectric V-carve pro software.

How do you think of how it turned out?

Amana Tool RC-1141 Insert V-Groove 90 Deg x 1/2 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK CNC Router Bit
RPM: 18,000
Feed Rate: 35 IPM
Plunge Rate: 17.5 IPM
Max depth per pass: 0.25"

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Tools Used in Video:

- Amana Tool RC-1141 Insert V-Groove 90 Deg x 1/2 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK CNC Router Bit

- Stepcraft M.1000 CNC Machine

- General Finishes Spiced Walnut stain

- Vectric V-carve pro software

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