How to Make the Workbench (Short)

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How to make the ToolsToday Workbench and showing how to do it with minimal tools!

I started out using the Amana Tool® General Purpose Carbide Tipped 40T Saw Blade No PR1040C to square up the legs of the bench. The pieces were cross cut using the Amana Fine Trim Saw Blade No. 610801C 80T with the help of the Jessem Mite-R-Excel II gauge, the cutting tools and gauge are available on our website. Watch the video to see how I made the rest.

Music: Chaos at the Spaceship by Out of Flux

Tools Used in Video:

Electro-Blu™ Carbide Tipped Prestige 10 Inch Dia 40T x ATB, Non-Stick Coated Amana Tool Circular Saw Blade No. PR1040C

Electro-Blu Carbide Tipped Fine Cut-Off and Crosscut 10 Inch Dia x 80T TCG Amana Tool No. 610801C

Amana Tool 658060C Electro Blu Coated Carbide Tipped Prestige Dado 8 Inch Dia. x 24T H- ATB, 5/8 Inch Bore, Complete Dado Set

Carbide Tipped Flush Trim Plunge Template 3/4 Inch Dia Amana Tool No. 45366-3TS

Amana Tool 55227 3/8” Dia Carbide-Tipped Countersink with No Burning and Marring Adjustable Free Spinning, Low Friction Depth-Stop with No-Thrust Ball Bearing.

49527 Carbide Tipped Corner Rounding 1/4 Inch Radius with 3/8 Dia Lower Ball Bearing Router Bit

47150 Carbide Tipped No-File Trim .059 Inch Radius w/ Lower Ball Bearing Router Bit

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