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Matt from Voeltner Woodworking makes this walnut stove cover using Amana Tool® router bits in on his CNC machine and table saw.

Really happy with how it turned out, definitely leave us a comment with what you think of it and let us know if you have any questions at all!
The CNC work was done on the Stepcraft M.1000 CNC machine, available on our website. ToolsToday provided product. Music: Santa Monica Breeze by Rex Banner
Feed, Speed, Chip Load & Step Down CNC Running Parameters

Electro-Blu Carbide Tipped Prestige Non-Stick Coated 10 Inch D x 40T x ATB x 5/8 Bore Circular Saw Blade Amana Tool no PR1040C

CNC Spoilboard Insert Carbide 3 Wing, Surfacing, Planing, Flycutting & Slab Leveler 1-1/2 Diameter x 1/4 SHK Amana Tool Router Bit no RC-2265
RPM: 18,000
Feed Rate: 300ipm
Chip Load Per Tooth: 0.006”
Ramp Down: 150ipm

Track Saw Machine Compatible Carbide Tipped Crosscut Saw Blade 160mm D x 48 T x ATB AGE Series by Amana Tool no MD160-480

Carbide Tipped Bowl & Tray 1/4 R x 3/4 D x 5/8 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK Router Bit Amana Tool no 45982

Solid Carbide Spektra Extreme Tool Life Coated Spiral Plunge 1/8 Dia x 1/2 CH x 1/4 SHK 2 Inch Long Down-Cut Amana Tool Router Bit no 46202-K
RPM: 18,000
Feed Rate: 145ipm
Chip Load Per Tooth: 0.004”
Ramp Down: 72.5ipm

Insert V-Groove 60 Deg x 59/64 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK CNC Router Bit Amana Tool no RC-1148
RPM: 18,000
Feed Rate: 40ipm
Chip Load Per Tooth: 0.003”
Ramp Down: 20ipm

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