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Making a holiday themed, snowman catchall tray (plans to make this yourself available below) on the Stepcraft M.1000 CNC machine using Amana Tool® industrial CNC router bits available on our website,

What do you think of how this snowman catchall tray video project turned out?

The downloadable and customizable CNC plans are available on our website item no. SNOWMAN if you’d like to make for yourself!

With this design you will be able to make a beautiful snowman catch all tray! These catch all trays are great to hold food, candy or any number of things around the house. In this set of plans you will learn how I set up the point roundover on the edges, why I’m using both an up and downcut bit, how I set up the last pass on the profile to minimize sanding and go over some tips for prepping the trays for finish.

Feed, Speed & CNC Running Parameters

Amana Tool 46202-K SC Spektra Extreme Tool Life Coated Spiral Plunge 1/4 Dia x 3/4 CH x 1/4 SHK 2-1/2 Inch Long Down-Cut Router Bit
RPM: 18,000
Feed Rate: 180ipm
Plunge Rate: 90ipm

Amana Tool 56143 Carbide Tipped Point Cutting Roundover 3/32 R x 13/64 D x 1/4 CH x 1/4 SHK x 2-1/4 Inch Long Router Bit

Amana Tool 46315-K SC Spektra Extreme Tool Life Coated Spiral Plunge 1/4 Dia x 1 CH x 1/4 SHK 2-1/2 Inch Long Up-Cut Router Bit

Amana Tool MR0110 Miniature 3/32 R Corner Rounding with 3/16 D Ball Bearing x 3/8 D x 3/8 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK Carbide Tipped Router Bit

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Tools Used in Video:

STEPCRAFT M.1000 36 x 48 CNC Machine

FEIN 71293261090 MultiMaster AMM300 Plus Start Set, Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

JessEm Ultimate Excel II Package

Rikon 31-200 12 V Li Cordless Sander/Polisher with Battery, 2 Inch Pad

Vectric V-Carve Pro Software

Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil, 32oz

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