How to Make a Box Joint Jig

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Matt shows you how to make a super simple box/finger joint jig for the table saw using the Amana Tool item no. RB1020C 10" diameter 20t flat top grind blade from Toolstoday. *What do you think of this jig? 
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He started by clamping a board to the miter gauge and cutting a slot. Then ripped a strip the same thickness as the blade with the help of the MicroJig GRR-RIPPER, to keep things safe. He then glued the key into the slot with some Starbond Adhesives thick superglue and accelerator.
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The jig was moved over the thickness of one of the offcuts and screwed in place. The finger joints were then cut and it worked great! This is a test piece and will be part of a router bit cabinet build coming up! Let us know if you want to see more!

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