How to Flatten Cupped and Twisted Wood

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Flattening walnut for the headboard of a bed I am making for my daughter with the Stepcraft Q.408 4'x8' CNC machine using the Amana Tool item no. RC-2255 2.5" Diameter 3 wing insert carbide flattening bit from Toolstoday.
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RPM: 18,000
Feed Rate: 280ipm
Plunge Rate: 100ipm
Depth per pass: .0625"
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This bit absolutely flies through the walnut and leaves an incredibly clean cut! Each insert has 4 sides can be rotated to give you 4 life's out of the same insert before needing to be replaced. These inserts stay sharp for a long time!
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I started out by cutting the pieces down to size and then used the bandsaw to help get rid of a cup in the walnut. The pieces were then flattened on the CNC on both sides of the material.


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