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There are many advantages of buying Amana Tool® CNC tooling from ToolsToday; over 8,000 SKU’s in stock, CNC feed charts available, free shipping* and same-day shipping** available. Today I am going to talk about how save time by downloading and searching for a Vectric® .tool file.

Download the Vectric .tool file here

Download the Autodesk® Fusion 360 .tools file here

The tool files should only be used in conjunction with the Amana Tool item number specified. Using this file with other brands is dangerous to the operator and CNC machine.

These tool libraries are to be used as a starting point for your CNC projects and the parameters should be adjusted based on your project and material.

* Free shipping for U.S.A. online orders over $49
** Same day shipping on orders received Monday through Friday until 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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