Double Interlocking Bowls Using Amana Tool Industrial Bowl & Tray Carbide Tipped Router Bits

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For Your Safety

  1. Make certain that the workpiece is secured and that all components of the fixture are securely fastened to the table.
  2. Use a guard, eye and hearing protection at all times.

Watch as we create a unique interlocking bowl using Amana Tool carbide tipped bowl and tray router bits #'s 45990, 45992 and carbide tipped miniature round over router bit #MR0110 with mini 3/16" diameter ball bearing.

Tools used in this video:

3/4" diameter Carbide Tipped Bowl & Tray Router Bit #45990

1-1/8" diameter Carbide Tipped Bowl & Tray Router Bit #45992

Mini Corner Round Bits with 3/16" Diameter Miniature Ball Bearing Guide #MR0110

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