American Bald Eagle 3D Brass Coin CNC Project Using Amana Tool Industrial Router Bits / End Mills

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For Your Safety

  1. The methods illustrated here are only intended for use with a CNC Milling machine.
  2. Make certain that the workpiece is secured and that all components of the fixture are securely fastened to the table.
  3. Use a guard, eye and hearing protection at all times.

Get a friendly introduction to CNC milling and use of it's software by master mechanic John from NYC CNC. Watch as we carve an American Bald Eagle carrying a ToolsToday shield surrounded by stars from a 2" diameter x 1/2" thick brass block resulting in a dynamic, eye-popping and amazingly detailed coin that is only 1/8" thick!

Step 1: Roughing with Amana Tool #51464
Feed: 45 Inches Per Minute (IPM)
Speed: 5,100 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)

Using a Tormach PCNC 1100 Personal CNC Mill the 1/4" diameter Solid Carbide Spiral CNC Router Bit / End Mill with Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN) Coating #51464 removes the bulk of the brass in a series of roughing passes. As this bit carves through the material you can begin to see the outline of the eagle and wings.

Step 2: Roughing and Finishing with Amana Tool #46282
Feed: 15 IPM
Speed: 5,100 RPM

The 1/16" diameter Solid Carbide CNC 3D Carving Tapered Ball Nose Router Bit with Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) Coating #46282 was used first as a roughing pass then we increased the feed to 30 IPM for a fine, more detailed finishing pass.

Step 3: Finishing with Amana Tool #46471
Feed: 20 IPM
Speed: 5,100 RPM

The details are really starting to show now and will really POP when milled with this Micro 1mm diameter Solid Carbide CNC 3D Carving Tapered Ball Nose Router Bit with ZrN Coating #46471. The bit finishes the project revealing all of the details that you have to look at very closely to see. This end mill is so tiny that the brass shavings being sent flying into the air are half the width of a sheet of paper! Amazing!

3D Brass American Bald Eagle Carrying Ribbon and Shield with ToolsToday Logo, Surrounded by Stars, built with Amana Tool Industrial CNC Router Bits, by, Your Source for Industrial Quality Tools!

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