Can Your CNC Router Replace Your Planer?

CNC routers are capable of many types of precision machining such as creating tight corners, creating hundreds of exact copies of parts, detailed carvings and perfect joints. There are uses however that do not need to be so complicated.

Flattening table tops, for example, are one of my favorite uses for my shopbot. I use the Amana 2.5″ flycutter (shown above) and put down a rough sawn board on the table. After ensuring the z axis is perfectly perpendicular to the table, I was very happy with the results.

Tip: Pay attention to grain direction and bit rotation. Be sure to set your step-over to a small percentage such as 10% and be sure you are following the grain of the wood with your cuts. With a 10% stopover you can get very close to cutting only along the grain. Larger stopover settings will result in more cross grain cutting. This will leave swirls in your material and require you to spend a lot more time sanding.

You can accomplish this same thing with smaller bits as well. 

Originally posted on April 8th by Tinker and Futz.
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