3D ZrN - Time To Don Those 3D Glasses

2D and 3D Carving Can Be Used on Many Different Types of Projects, in Many Different Types of Ways

One of the most impressive is carving 3D patterns with your CNC machine.

Introducing Amana Tool®’s solid carbide 2D and 3D carving Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) coated router bits, Amana's Modern Materials Finishing Geometry (MMFG) incorporates high shear, multi-flute and a ZrN coating designed for the ultimate combination of finish and tool longevity in aluminum, brass, copper, graphite, phenolics, plastic, sign board & wood. The flutes of the bits are up-cut, which pulls material up and out of the cut, while the cut itself is not a chipping action, but a slicing one.  They are extremely sharp, and smooth.

3D, the quality of being three-dimensional, relates to CNC work when the cutter is moving through all 3 dimensions as it is cutting.  Given how much material the can be removed to create a 3D object, it is good being able to first run a heavier cutter to take a few quick passes to remove the bulk of material before the fine, final cutter moves in to refine the design. Amana’s 4-Pc ZrN coated set AMS-148 includes bits of 1/32” diameter through 1/4” allowing the CNC machine to do just that.    

The first pass was a roughing pass, using the largest bit seen to the left here.  It quickly scallops away the bulk of material, leaving the finer router bits to produce the detail, without having to push through a lot of material.

Once that pass was done (4 minutes), the bit was swapped over for the one making the final passes for detail.

The final result looks a bit rough – more refinement by me I think.  It is definitely not the router bit – the ZrN bits performed superbly.

Here is the final pass, which was about 16 minutes for this size pattern.

ToolsToday also offers three 3-Pc sets and an 8-Pc set for the serious hobbyists and businesses.

Originally posted by Stu on February 6th.
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