Workbench CNC Plans, Downloadable and Customizable

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This is a cool project to see come together from flat cut parts to a fully functional workbench and it looks incredible! This project is intended to be cut on a CNC machine capable of working with full sheets of plywood, but with a few design adjustments can be cut on smaller CNC machines. For further instructions on making the entire project, please see our Ad-Free CNC clampdown wasteboard video for a general overview to see how everything is made.

Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Bits Used45624-K 60° V-groove, 55202 countersink bit, CO-120 7-8mm ER32 collet, 46172-K 3/8” compression bit, 47116 3-flute flush trim bit, 49504 1/4” radius roundover bit, 55227 No-Mar countersink.

Tools UsedStepcraft Q.408 CNC machine drill and impact, (optional) 18ga brad nailer, (optional) multitool and Jessem Ultimate Excel II router table.

Material Used – 4’x4’x8’ sheets of 3/4” plywood, 30”x35” piece of 3/4” plywood

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