Microjig MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware Variety Pack

Microjig Item #DV-HK456X4
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  • 1" Track Screws
  • 1-1/2" Track Screws
  • Track Nuts with screws and washers
  • Round Knobs
  • Wing Knobs
  • Shoulder Washers

Dovetail track hardware for jigs, fixtures, assembly, material handling and more.

Dovetail track hardware for jigs and fixtures.

With any standard 1/2” 14-degree dovetail router bit, you can create your own tracks, eliminating the need for expensive aluminum tracks. It’s an entire system designed to give you all the functionality of t-track and t-track accessories, at a fraction of the cost.

How it works.

The most versatile profile ever.

Create a variety of jigs that move freely, and tighten down anywhere you can route a groove.

  • Compatible with standard ?” 14 degree dovetail profile.
  • Available in 3 styles, includes 2 of each.
  • 10-32 1-?” long with wing knobs, 10-32 1” long with round knobs and shoulder washers (compatible with GRR-RIPPER system), and female with 10-32 threaded inserts.
  • Allows for 360 degree range of motion with dovetail grooves in grid layout.
  • Each style available individually in packs of 4.

Make every inch of your workshop more functional.

Step 1

Route a groove with a ?” 14-degree dovetail router bit.

Step 2

Dovetail Hardware moves through the tracks below the surface, securing material without getting in the way.


  • 5.1 x 7.3 x 1.6

Do I need the MATCHFIT Dovetail Router Bit in order to use Dovetail Clamps and Dovetail Hardware?

Only if you value your time. Standard dovetail router bits cut to a sharp point at the top of the groove, which requires a decent amount of sanding after the track is routed. Our router bit incorporates a 1/16" roundover to automatically smooth out the top of the track in a single pass. Less time sanding means more time building.

Why dovetail tracks as opposed to T-slot?

When tightening anything inside of a t-slot, the pressure is applied perpendicular to the material surface, which may weaken the integrity of the track. If a t-slot is cut into plywood, all of the force is concentrated on the small flange at the bottom, causing the plywood to delaminate. With a dovetail profile, the clamping force is distributed evenly along the entire wall of the track for an overall stronger hold.

Will MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps and Dovetail Hardware fit into my Festool track?

The clamps will not, the hardware will, but that's kind of missing the point. The MATCHFIT system was designed to be compatible with a standard router bit profile, so that users wouldn't actually need metal tracks. However, some users have been known to file or grind about .005" off of the wide part of the clamp's elbow and use them in their Festool track. Our advice is to use Festool clamps with Festool tracks, and use Dovetail Clamps for everything else.

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