Microjig GRR-RIP Block Smart Pushblock

Microjig Item #GB-1
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Smart hook pushblock for table saws, band saws, router tables, and jointers.

Never let your workpiece slip again.

Harness the incredible gripping power of the only pushblock with Smart Hook technology. With a broad non-slip gripping surface and auto-retracting heels, the GRR-RIP BLOCK sets the bar for material control and safety in the workshop.

How it works.

Grip that sticks.

The podular structure of the Green GRIP provides superior traction by conforming to the contour of the workpiece. Dust and debris stays in the gaps to maintain traction.

Hook when you need to.

The Smart Hooks auto retract mid-board, then drop down to grab the tail end of your workpiece. They can also be locked in the retracted position when they're not needed. There when you need them, tucked away when you don't.

Use it around your whole shop.

90 degree flip guide for vertical operation.

Use the 90-degree Flip Guide for veneers and resawing on the bandsaw, or for beaded face frames and other special profiles against the router table fence. No matter which way you flip it, smart hooks still fall into place.

Total workpiece control.

Experience total control over your workpiece for freehand routing while keeping your hands safe. Smart hooks lock in the retracted position, keeping them away from the router bit. The Deflector / Connector protects against debris and woodchips. For extra traction, use the Deflector / Connector to bridge two GRR-RIP BLOCKs together when handling larger material like raised panel doors.


  • 9.0 x 6.25 x 2.5

Why plastic?

The GRR-RIPPER is made of specially formulated high-impact plastics for good reason. It maintains its shape and rigidity, but also absorbs force if it makes contact with the blade. In other words, it won't shatter or break your wrist.

What is the difference between the GRR-RIP BLOCK and the GRR-RIPPER?

The GRR-RIPPER is designed for adjustability, whereas the GRR-RIP BLOCK was designed for simplicity, and pure traction. They feature the same GREEN GRR-RIP material, but the GRR-RIP BLOCK has a solid, much broader gripping surface and auto-retracting Smart Hooks. It's ideal for use on the jointer, the router table, and on the bandsaw. It can be used on the table saw, but only for non-thru cuts or cuts that don't require passing directly over the blade.

I accidentally cut the Smart Hooks off - what now?

You don't need to replace the whole GRR-RIP BLOCK! Just pop out the damaged ones and pop in the new ones. Contact us for replacements.

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