Prestige™ Saw Blades

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D Teeth Bore a° hook B Kerf Inch B Kerf mm C Plate Inch C Plate mm D diam inch D diam mm Grind Pinholes / Description Brand Tool No. Our Price Wish list Ready to Buy
10 40 5/8 18° .134 3.4 .102 2.6 10 250 ATB - Amana Tool PR1040
10 40 5/8 18° .134 3.4 .102 2.6 10 250 ATB Electro-Blu Coated* Amana Tool PR1040C
12 40 1 18° .134 3.4 .102 2.6 12 300 ATB - Amana Tool PR1240

PR1040 is non-coated
*PR1040C coated with Electro-Blu™ Non-Stick Coating

Cuts smoother and stays sharper, for longer, in solid wood, plywood, MDF and chipboard.
Featuring a massive tool-steel plate (.102" thick!) with expansion slots and copper plugs that practically eliminate vibration. The 40 teeth are ground with a steep 20º bevel angle, alternating left and right, for crisp, clean cuts both across and with the grain. The 18º hook angle yields an effortless feed. The precision-ground D-10 carbide teeth are individually computer-verified to have minimal run-out.

Please note #PR1040C is coated with Electro-Blu™ Non-Stick Coating.

Applications: Crosscuts and rips softwood, hardwood & plywood.

Product Details:

  • Massive (.102" thick) tool-steel plate with copper plugs practically eliminates vibration.
  • Precision-ground D-10 carbide teeth are individually computer verified for run-out of less than 1/10,000" on all axes.
  • Carbide-tipped.

saw blade guidelines for safetySafety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


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