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Non-Melt Plastic Cutting Saw Blades

Amana Tool's saw blades are engineered for the smoothest possible cuts and extended blade life. Offering an extensive line of quality plastic, general-purpose and application specific carbide-tipped saw blades to meet your industry or personal needs. Specifically designed for contractors, the Mamba Thin Kerf Laminate, Plastic & PVC Cutting Saw Blades also cut aluminum, brass, copper & all other non-ferrous metals. For cutting plastic on a budget, try the AGE series Plastic Cutting Saw Blades or the Ti-Cut Plastic Cutting Saw Blades.

Amana's saw blades blades feature:

  • Extra-large European micrograin carbide tips for extended life
  • Laser-cut expansion slots to assure plate stability
  • Copper plugs to reduce turbulent noise and vibration
  • Large gullets for improved chip clearances
  • Triple layer brazing with silver to ensure perfect brazing
  • Laser-cut and hardened, high-strength steel plates remain flat and true
  • Different carbide grades for different materials
  • Large selection for all materials and applications
  • Carbide tips ground to perfection for the best possible performance
saw blade guidelines for safetySafety Guidelines for Saw Blades