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RTA Furniture Drill/Countersink

RTA Furniture Drill/Countersink
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$18.10 - $21.63

Amana Tool RTA Furniture Drill/Countersink in stock and ready to be shipped today. We have a large selection of Metric Countersinks Right Hand available.

Commonly used for RTA (Ready to assemble) furniture fittings. Specially-treated high speed steel countersink with polished slow-spiral drill bit. Will perform 3 tasks in one: pilot hole, clearance hole, and countersink.

Choose Your RTA Furniture Drill/Countersink

D B d D1 D2 B1 L Brand Tool No. image Our Price Ready to Buy?
D B d D1 D2 B1 L Brand Tool No. image Our Price Ready to Buy?
0.1377952755905513.5mm 0.59055118110236215mm 0.39370078740157510mm 0.1968503937007875.0mm 0.2755905511811027.0mm 0.1968503937007875.0mm 3.149606299212680mm 0Amana Tool 55102 $25.85
0.1968503937007875.0mm 0.59055118110236215.0mm 0.39370078740157510mm 0.2755905511811027.0mm 0.39370078740157510.0mm 0.1968503937007875.0mm 3.5433070866141790mm 0Amana Tool 55103 $30.90
D2=RTA screw size.

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