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New Tool, New Projects

By Larry Beck

New tools and projects go hand in hand. A new project unleashes a dream into the world. It is what a honeymoon is to the wedding ceremony, what putting up a tent is to a camping trip; it is cutting wood after drawing a plan.

new-stairway-loft-houseThis month saw the start of a new stairway for the loft in our house. After reviewing many space saving stairway plans on the internet (a.k.a. Pinterest) I decided on purchasing a stair kit (Arke Karina).  The stairs are in place and I am adding handrails now.

The primary construction entails a larger stairway opening (bumped my head going up stairs) and railings around the loft opening. The railings are the new project. I also plan to build small cabinet under stairs for needed storage. Those two new projects join some older unfinished ones.

The new tool is a dado stack from Tools Today. The new blades replace an older set which did not make a flat bottom cut. This new set does. It made for two very nice grooves for an older project, a sliding door to our bathroom cabinet.  The dado cut glides work very well (note the glide at the top of the sliding door.)

bathroom-cabinet with amana tool router bitsWith this dado set I also made trim for another older project, trim for the shower stall. The shower stall is wrapped in cedar and clear coated with acrylic.  The picture shows the trim cut with the new dado set and rounded over with a router bit.

Most of the trim is finished in the shower. One more corner will do it. The dado set worked great! The final act to this “broadway play” (‘cause it’s all over the stage and everyone knows according to Shakespeare, “all the world’s a stage”) is to finish trim in the shower and then the beams in my house.


The beams are 2x12’s wrapped with cedar.  The dado cut trim will highlight the edges and hide the edges of the bead board ceilings.

Now let’s see if you kept up with the new and old projects: new stairs with upstair railing, shower stall trim, sliding door glides, cabinet under new stairs, and last, trim for beams in house. The “A-Team” always loves a plan coming together.  Take it from every great woodworker (I did ask my wife how many great woodworkers she thought there are in this world and she said, “One less than you do!”) looking at a finished project leaves a long lasting sense of success.

Draw a new plan, buy a new tool, and enjoy the end result.




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