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Mini Rabbet Bit with Miniature Ball Bearing Guide

Mini Rabbet Bit with Miniature Ball Bearing Guide

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No Brass Pilot = No Burn!
Unlike traditional miniature router bits using brass-pilots, Amana Tool® uses tiny 3/16” diameter ball bearing guides, eliminating burn marks (burnout) caused by brass pilot bits.

Innovative carbide tipped design delivers a consistent edge that eliminates hand sanding & filing. Ideal for delicate projects such as:

  • Sign-making & routing letter edges
  • Building musical instruments
  • Flush trimming tight corners
  • High production projects

The miniature bearing router bits can be used on wood and plastic, and comes in a variety of profiles including round over, chamfer, flush, bevel trim and rabbet. The mini bits fit into tight spaces and sharp corners where a larger diameter bearing cannot, making it easier for users to work on finely detailed work pieces that have intricate contours, tight confines and narrow openings.

read online review of miniature router bits View Amana Tool®'s Miniature Router Bits in the April 2011 issue #218 of Fine Woodworking.

Choose Your Mini Rabbet Bit with Miniature Ball Bearing Guide

D B d A D1 Ball
Flute L Brand Tool No. Our Price Ready to Buy?
0.43757/16 0.51/2 0.251/4 0.1251/8 0.18753/16 LowerLower 22 1.8751-7/8 Amana ToolAmana Tool MR0100 $30.25
0.31255/16 0.51/2 0.251/4 0.06251/16 0.18753/16 LowerLower 22 22 Amana ToolAmana Tool MR0101 $28.15
Replacement Parts
Ball Bearing: #47775 (O.D.=3/16" I.D.=3/32" Thickness=3/32")
Hex Nut: #67135 (2-56 UNC)
Lock Washer: #67129 (O.D.=11/64, I.D.=3/32)

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