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Screen Door Router Bits

Screen Door Router Bits

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Amana Tool Screen Door Router Bits, In-Stock & Ready to Ship Today! Large selection of industrial quality carbide tipped router bits and screen door router bits

Sold Individually - Not Sold as a Set

For 1-1/8" Material

Amana Tool®'s newest design allows you to make beautiful doors with tenons of any length you choose.
Get beauty of traditional cope and stick doors with the strength and longevity of true mortise-and-tenon joiner, today.
These unique door-making router bits utilizes a “stub” spindle & cope cutter arrangement. The counterbored cope cutter is secured to the spindle with a cap screw. A matching profile bit is used to shape the decorative ogee “sticking” along the edges of the stiles and rails. As the cope is cut on the ends of the rails, the tenon passes over the top of the bit unobstructed.

Please note: 54173 and 47513 are solid individually.

Choose Your Screen Door Router Bits

D R B d Type D1 Material size Ball
Flute L Brand Tool No. image Our Price Ready to Buy?
D R B d Type D1 Material size Ball
Flute L Brand Tool No. image Our Price Ready to Buy?
1.251-1/4 0.218757/32 0.4687515/32 0.51/2 Ogee BitOgee Bit 1 1/8"1-1/8" NoNo 22 1.43751-7/16 Amana ToolAmana Tool 54173 $61.55
1.51-1/2 0.218757/32 0.4687515/32 0.51/2 Cope cutter w/stub spindleCope cutter w/stub spindle 0.753/4 1 1/8"1-1/8" YesYes 22 22 Amana ToolAmana Tool 47513 $71.10

Replacement Parts
Cope Cutter #47512
Stub spindle with screw #47617
Screw for stub spindle #67012
Ball bearing #47706

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