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Prestige™ Super Fine Dado Set

Prestige™ Super Fine Dado Set

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Industrial quality, high-performance dado set with six 4-wing chippers
A stacking dado set is an ideal tool for cutting dadoes and grooves as well as tenons for strong mortise-and-tenon joinery.

  • Anti-kickback design to help prevent overfeeding
  • Cuts smooth, perfect flat-bottom grooves that are free of splinters & rough edges
  • Features the latest in cutting tool technology including massive steel tool-steel plates and precision ground D-10 carbide teeth
This dado set features ATB grind geometry with every sixth tooth flat ground for efficient chip removal. Each of the six interior chippers features four teeth and the standard width capacity is 1/8” through 13/16”.   Adjustments can be easily made in 1/32” increments and even finer adjustments, as small as .002”, can be made by using the supplied shim set.

Perfect for Half Lap, Tenon, Dentil, Groove & Rabbet, Corner Lap, End Lap and Ship Lap (Shiplap) cuts. 

saw blade guidelines for safetySafety Guidelines for Saw Blades.

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For Your Safety

    • The methods illustrated here are only intended for use with a table saw.
    • Use a push block or push stick when cutting.
    • Use a guard at all times.
    • Use eye and hearing protection.
    • Do not use the methods in this set of instructions unless you feel that they are safe for you.

      Choose Your Prestige™ Super Fine Dado Set

      D diam inch Teeth Grind Bore a° hook ATB Angle description Brand Tool No. Our Price Ready to Buy?
      88 2424 ATBATB 0.6255/8 10°-10° 25°25° (6) 4 Wing(6) 4-Wing Amana ToolAmana Tool 658060 $430.45
      88 2424 ATBATB 11 10°-10° 25°25° (6) 4 Wing(6) 4-Wing Amana ToolAmana Tool 658060-1 $430.45

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