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CNC Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) T Slot Router Bits

CNC Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) T Slot Router Bits
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Amana Tool Diamond PCD T Slot Router Bits in stock and ready to ship today. We have many CNC and Insert router bits to choose from.

T Slot Diamond Tipped Polycrystalline (PCD) Tipped Router (Standard T Slot). Use with particleboard MDF, both raw or with melamine, veneer, hardwoods, etc. Re-sharpening one to two times. Right hand rotation.

Diamond is the hardest material on the earth. Polycrystaline Diamond (PCD) tooling is manufactured in a high-temperature and high-pressure laboratory that fuses diamond particles onto a carbide substrate, which allows the diamond to be brazed onto a tool body.

PCD Tooling Benefits: 

  • Harder cutting edge provides higher resistance to wear
  • Cut thousands of feet more than carbide without changing tool, saving setup time
  • Optimized machine tool efficiency
  • Quality of finish is often significantly improved
If you’re looking for the ultimate in tooling, you’ve found it!  Amana Tool®'s PCD tipped T-Slot CNC router bits will cut a wide variety of tough, abrasive materials. The cutting edge lasts at least 25 times longer than carbide for extremely long life. Depending on the material being cut, PCD tooling has been known to out perform a carbide tool by a ratio of 300:1. However, to be conservative in your buying decision, we suggest you base your expectations on 25:1 ratio over carbide tooling. 

Choose Your CNC Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) T Slot Router Bits

D B d D1 B1 Cutters Max RPM L Brand Tool No. image Our Price Ready to Buy?
D B d D1 B1 Cutters Max RPM L Brand Tool No. image Our Price Ready to Buy?
1.3751-3/8 0.251/4 0.51/2 0.3753/8 0.06251/16 2+12+1 3000030,000 2.3752-3/8 Amana ToolAmana Tool DRB-300-RH $259.95

RH = Right Hand rotation LH = Left Hand Rotation.

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