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Di-Count™ Adjustable Countersink - Carbide-Tipped

Di-Count™ Adjustable Countersink - Carbide-Tipped
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Amana Tool Di-Count™ Adjustable Countersink - Carbide-Tipped in stock and ready to be shipped today. We have a large selection of Di-Count Adjustable Countersink available.

2-Wing, Carbide Tipped

Accepts drills from 3/32" through 9/32" (wood screw sizes #2 though #18). #20202 includes 1/4" diameter drill (drill not included with #20200. 

Excellent For Drilling:

  • Natural Woods
  • Man-Made Boards
  • MDF
  • Chipboard
  • Plywood
  • Aluminum/Non-Ferrous*
  • Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM)*
  • Composite Decking Materials
*WARNING!: For optimal results and extended tool life use lubricant or air cooling. Ensure the material is fixed and drill is stable while drilling.  

Choose Your Di-Count™ Adjustable Countersink - Carbide-Tipped

D B d L Brand Tool No. image Our Price Ready to Buy?
D B d L Brand Tool No. image Our Price Ready to Buy?
1.031257/16-19/32 0.43757/16 0.3753/32-9/32 45°45° 1.251-1/4 Amana ToolAmana Tool 20200 $24.95
1.406255/8-25/32 0.6255/8 0.656251/4-13/32 45°45° 1 11/32 1-11/32 Amana ToolAmana Tool 20202 $62.35
Note: 20202 includes 1/4" Diameter Drill.
Drills not included with 20200
Replacement allen screws (2 required) #67090. Replacement 3mm hex key #5004

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