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Edgebander Trim Saw Blades

Edgebander Trim Saw Blades
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Replacement trim saw blades for edgebanding machines. Most machines require two blades.


saw blade guidelines for safetySafety Guidelines for Saw Blades.

Choose Your Edgebander Trim Saw Blades

D diam mm Teeth Grind B Kerf Inch B Kerf mm C Plate Inch C Plate mm Bore a° hook Brand Tool No. Our Price Ready to Buy?
150150 3030 ATBATB 0.126.126 3.23.2 0.087.087 2.22.2 30MM30MM 10°10° Amana ToolAmana Tool 663000 $92.90
180180 5858 ATBATB 0.126.126 3.23.2 0.087.087 2.22.2 20MM20MM 10°10° Amana ToolAmana Tool 663010 $136.05
663000 is for IDM-137 and Ocmac Chica 290 edgebanders, and others. 663010 is for Olimpic Nova-2 edgebanders, and others.

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