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Demolition Fireman's Saw Blades

Demolition Fireman's Saw Blades
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Designed to cut through most building materials - roofing, shingles, wood, nails, sand and non-ferrous materials.
Each blade comes with two reduction serrated bushings.

  • Carbide-Tipped
  • FT w/45° Bevel (No Raker Tooth)
  • For rough cutting applications

  WARNING: The use of carbide tipped circular saw blades on gas powered cutting-off machines is strictly prohibited. Among other things, the teeth of  such a blade can catch in the work-piece and cause reactive forces, including kickback. The heavier weight of such blades can increase  kickback forces, and the aggressive tooth design can cause more severe injuries from blade contact. Please note that according to OSHA's Directorate of Compliance Programs from 1999, portable machines using circular saw blades would become "the functional equivalent of  a circular saw" and would, therefore, require guards for both the upper and lower portions of the blade. For the above mentioned reasons, Amana Tool(r) does not authorize the use of the carbide tipped circular saw blades on all gas powered cutting-off machines, and, in fact, strongly warns against it.

saw blade guidelines for safetySafety Guidelines for Saw Blades.

Choose Your Demolition Fireman's Saw Blades

D diam inch D diam mm Teeth Grind B Kerf Inch B Kerf mm C Plate Inch C Plate mm Bore a° hook Brand Tool No. Our Price Ready to Buy?
7.257-1/4 1414 FTFT 0.12.120 3.13.1 0.078.078 1.981.98 0.6255/8 -5º Amana Tool/AGE SeriesAmana Tool/AGE Series DB7-140 $57.15
1212 300300 1212 FTFT 0.134.134 3.43.4 0.098.098 2.52.5 11 15°-15° Amana Tool/AGE SeriesAmana Tool/AGE Series DB12-120 $62.40
1212 300300 2424 FTFT 0.134.134 3.43.4 0.098.098 2.52.5 11 15°-15° Amana Tool/AGE SeriesAmana Tool/AGE Series DB12-240 $76.25
1414 350350 2424 FTFT 0.157.157 44.0 0.11.110 2.82.8 11 15°-15° Amana Tool/AGE SeriesAmana Tool/AGE Series DB14-240 $105.90
WARNING: This blade is not to be used on multi-purpose cutoff saws or gas power saws, unless saw has a guard that covers both the upper half and the lower half of the blade completely. The guard must extend to the lowest point of the cutting teeth on the bottom of the blade. Consult owner’s manual of the saw & follow all instructions and safety procedures - including wearing safety goggles at all times while working with this blade. DUE TO THE ROUGH APPLICATIONS FOR WHICH THESE BLADES MAY BE USED, THEY ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

#300-24-1 is replaced by #DB12-240

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