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Ogee Raised Panel Router Bits w/ Back Cutter

Ogee Raised Panel Router Bits w/ Back Cutter
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Similar to standard horizontal raised panel bits, but with back cutter to cut inside of the panel. Includes two different bearings to allow for safer two-pass operation. Carbide Tipped. Use with router table only.

 Watch now! How to make Raised Panel Doors

For Your Safety
1. The methods illustrated here are only
    intended for use with a table mounted
2. Do not exceed the recommended RPM for
    each of the bits.
3. Use a miter gauge and clamp when     routing the ends of the rails.
4. Use a push block or push stick when
    routing the door styles.
5. Use a guard at all times.
6. Use eye and hearing protection.
7. Do not use the methods in this set of
    instructions unless you feel that they are 
    safe for you. 

Router Bits shown in video
Stile & Rail Router Bits
Reversible Stile & Rail Assembly - #55350
2pc Concave Stile & Rail - #55420 & #55421

Raised Panel Router Bits
Ogee Raised Panel - #54118
Ogee Raised Panel w/Back Cutter - #54221

Choose Your Ogee Raised Panel Router Bits w/ Back Cutter

D R B d Replacement
A D1 B1 R1 Ball
Flute A1 L Brand Tool No. Our Price Ready to Buy?
3.3753-3/8 0.8757/8 1.18751-3/16 0.51/2 477134776347713,47763 1.3751-3/8 2.1252-1/8 0.6255/8 0.31255/16 DoubleDouble 22 1.06251-1/16 3.06253-1/16 Amana ToolAmana Tool 54221 $212.90
3.3753-3/8 0.8757/8 1.18751-3/16 0.51/2 4771347713 1.3751-3/8 2.1252-1/8 0.6255/8 0.31255/16 YesYes 22 1.06251-1/16 3.06253-1/16 TimberlineTimberline 420-50 $132.00
Back cutter=1/4" kerf, 5/16" radius cutter. Note: 'A' reflects the total length of cut. Therefore you must deduct (usually 3/8") for allowing the panel to recess into the frame. To receive 'A1' use bearing #47713, which is included.

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