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Miniature Cove Router Bits

Miniature Cove Router Bits
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Amana Tool miniature cove router bits in stock ready to ship today. We have a large selection of industrial quality carbide tipped router bits available.

Amana Tool's® Unique set of miniature router bits is comprised of twelve useful shapes, all carbide-tipped for extra long life. Designed to meet the needs of doll house enthusiasts, model makers, architects and professionals, they are ideal for producing a wide variety of small-scale moldings. Available individually, or as a set of twelve in a handsome wood storage box. All of our miniature router bits are furnished with 1/4" diameter shanks and work equally well in any router or trimmer with a 1/4" collet.


Choose Your Miniature Cove Router Bits

D R B d L Brand Tool No. image Our Price Ready to Buy?
D R B d L Brand Tool No. image Our Price Ready to Buy?
0.56259/16 0.1251/8 0.3753/8 0.251/4 22 Amana ToolAmana Tool MRZ0304 $25.25

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