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Glue Joint Router Bits

Glue Joint Router Bits
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The glue joint cut by this bit is strong and self-aligning. One setup produces both halves of the joint. Adjust the bit so the center of its profile aligns with the stock center. Cut one part face down, the mate face up. Bit works on stock between 5/8" and 1" in thickness. Must be used in a table-mounted router. Since there is no guide bearing, use the router-table fence to control the cut.


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D B d D1 Ball
Flute L Brand Tool No. Our Price Ready to Buy?
1.8751-7/8 1.093751-3/32 0.51/2 1.43751-7/16 NoNo 22 2.6252-5/8 Amana ToolAmana Tool 55388 $117.45
1.8751-7/8 1.093751-3/32 0.51/2 1.43751-7/16 NoNo 22 2.6252-5/8 TimberlineTimberline 470-10 $84.05

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