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Solid Carbide 2D and 3D Carving Ball Nose, ZrN Coated, CNC Router Bit Sets

Solid Carbide CNC 2D and 3D Carving Tapered Ball Nose, ZrN Coated Up-Cut Router Bits 
designed for CNC 3D profiling and carving with machines such as "i-Carver", CNC Shark®, ShopBot® & CarveWright™.
3-Pc Solid Carbide 3D Carving Ball Nose (Conical Ball), ZrN Coated Bit Collection

Solid Carbide 2D/3D Carving Tapered and Straight Ball Nose (Conical Ball) & Tapered and Straight Flat Bottom (End Mill), ZrN Coated CNC Router Bit Collection

Price: $100.43 - $644.96

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