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InVectra Metal Laminate Trim Bits

InVectra™ Metal Laminate Trim Router Bits

The industry’s solution for trimming metal laminates.
2 Flute - Solid Carbide
These innovative new bits are specially designed and tested for trimming all decorative metal laminates and has been recommended by Formica®, for use in all DecoMetal® material (exluding #2178) & Advanced Technology Inc. (ATI®). Both metal laminate manufacturers have recommended their use to all approved fabricators.

The cutting edge of the Invectra™ router bit is engineered from an Amana-exclusive carbide grade designed specifically for cutting both metal laminates and wood-based substrate materials.

Amana’s exclusive micro-grain carbide delivers the highest quality of cut, maximum cutting efficiency and extended tool life. Invectra features a special combination of grinding angles that, when combined with the proper cutting speed, delivers a superior cut.

To ensure the best cutting results, each bit is fitted with a steel bearing guide that enables users to trim laminate materials flush to the stubstrate. Invectra router bits are available in two diameters, ¼” (item 51430) and ½” (item 51432). 

*Recommended by Formica® & ATI®

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