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Creative Woodworking Using the Tools You Have

When we watch the ‘pros’ on TV doing their thing, at some point we find ourselves saying “I could do that! If I had all those great tools and professional jigs, I could do anything!”

Well, when I started woodworking, I had three power tools: a table-saw, a hand drill, and a router. Take it from me, that is all you really need, however a spattering of skill and a dollop of patience is also helpful, but not required… initially.

With a few router bits, saw blades, jigs and templates, you can turn any one man show into a custom woodworking studio to the envy of all. As you churn out custom projects like:
• sliding dovetails
• perfectly round disks made on a table saw
• custom curved moldings
• compound radius table tops

The key is to visualize each step of your project and make a plan incorporating the materials and tools you have. Don’t be afraid to get creative and manipulate the tools you have in order to achieve the cuts and angles you want for your piece.

Read this article with some tips for Using a Table Saw Instead of a Surface Planer.

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