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The Art of Buying Woodworking Tools

A nightmare scenario: It’s my wife’s birthday and she loves gifts. More than just gifts, she loves when people buy her make-up. I would go through the different types of make-ups, bases and highlights, but I would have no idea what I am talking about. I am not a cosmetician, nor have I ever put on makeup. But one thing is for sure, my wife just loves makeup so I have little choice but to bite the bullet and go for broke.

This is my worst gift buying nightmare. It is a good thing that this is not a reality, but I am using this example to show what it may feel like for a wife to buy woodworking tools/bits for her husband.

Non-woodworkers generally feel a bit overwhelmed searching for an appropriate tool for a gift. As a woodworking expert, even I occasionally feel the challenge of purchasing a new tool. Tools are always changing and being upgraded so there is always something to learn. For the non-woodworker, there is no reason to learn new trends let alone know the old ones.

Knowing how happy your husband would be if you came home with a 3-Piece Ogee Raised Panel Set – 1/2 Inch Shank, wouldn’t you want to know what it is, what it is for and what machine it is used with?

There are many gift ideas for woodworkers on the market, and I often wonder how often they are purchased. As a woodworker, I see great value in getting a packaged deal, but I tend not to buy gifts for myself. So the question remains: how does someone without any real knowledge of tools choose an appropriate woodworking gift? Good question.

The first step is to identify a number of gifts, as seen here on the Tools Today Gift Ideas page.

Second, every woodworker has a buddy who also is a woodworker. Whether they speak every day or just once a year, there is a bond between them, and they talk about the tools that they purchase. This person is your guy. Use this contact as a way to identify exactly what your husband can use.

Please note that as a woodworker I know that we all love to create for the sake of creating, giving to others and seeing them happy. In the end, your gift to your husband might just be that jewelry box you always wanted.

Happy shopping and good luck!

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