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Create Templates for Circular Shapes with Flush Trim Router Bits

Starting Your Woodworking Project
When starting a new woodworking project, it is extremely important to review the necessary steps, tools, cutters, router bits, and materials.

Getting half of the way into a project and discovering that you don’t have the necessary router bit can be frustrating and sometimes very time consuming! If you have a fully tooled woodshop, you may be able to wave the last question until you move into your project. However, most of us only have a few router bits and saw blades and therefore, need to economize a little.

The most important router bits to own are flush trim router bits with bearings including:

Standard straight bits

Various round-over bits

For more complicated projects, straight router bits with top-bearings and straight router bits with bottom-bearings are indispensable. These router bits are a necessity for making flush trim templates and ensuring that all parts are equal in dimension, shape, and layout.

For circular shapes, such as small table tops, a shape needs to be cut with a template that has been created with a swing-arm attached to a router. The exact dimension of the radius of the table top will be determined by the distance from the center of the pre-drilled hole (for the center-pin to ride in as the router circumnavigates the template material) to the inside edge of the straight cut bit.

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