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What’s the Best Table Saw Blade?

I am just a simple furniture maker with limited space and money. Ideally I would have a machine and tool for every possible use, but this is a pipe dream. Perhaps if I win the lottery things would be different. In the meantime I do my best with what I have.

Just one example is my table saw. My one table saw. I use my table saw to rip as well as crosscut on boards too wide for my radial arm saw. The problem with using the table saw for both purposes is that I cannot use a dedicated rip blade to crosscut and cannot use a dedicated crosscut blade to rip. In doing so, I would not only get a chipped out edge, but it would be dangerous.

The best option for me was to get a combination blade. A combination blade is just as it sounds—it takes on the structure of both the rip and crosscut blades. I rarely use my wood right from the saw so the fact that the combination blade doesn’t give you the results of the dedicated blades doesn’t bother me.

I will say that when I’m ripping or crosscutting for an extended period of time, such as milling hardwood floors, I do take the time and change my table saw blade to a dedicated ripping blade. Not only will the dedicated blade give me cleaner edges but it allows the machine to work at full power.

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