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Beautifully Simple Lonnie Bird Tambour Door Router Bit Set

Check out this Lonnie Bird Tambour Door Router Bit Set #54314 review by Stuart. Here are a few excerpts. Bird? Not Surfin Bird, not Larry Bird, but Lonnie Bird! If you haven’t heard of Lonnie Bird, he is a very well-known fine woodworker, educator, author. You may have heard/read/owned his Bandsaw Book, or a number of the awesome Taunton’s Illustrated books. So when Lonnie Bird speaks with Amana Tool® with a view to produce a set of Tambour Door Router …

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Raised Panel Doors: Table Saw, Router, or Shaper?

Creating raised panel doors can be done in a number of ways. For the most basic, you can use the table saw with a few passes and a tilt of the blade. This will give a flat profile. But the table saw is limited, and it can’t give you much of a complex profile. For a more complex profile with a bit more machining, use a router table with a paneling bit. You can achieve a professional look with an …

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