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Do-It-Yourself Beautiful Hardwood Floors Using Tongue and Groove Joints

After many years of having a hardwood floor, one can experience all types of damage. Whether it is light starched, gouges, water damage, boards lifting up…etc. Kids especially put a lot of wear and tear on hardwood floors. There was one customer I had that lived in an old colonial home in central NJ; a historical and very well-kept beautiful home. The kitchen cabinets were made from old cherry with a gorgeous patina which showed that it lived a very …

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A Mortise and Tenon Nightmare

I spent some time working in a high-end shop located in a poor industrial area in Northern New Jersey. From the outside you would never guess that inside there was a set of ten chairs being produced to be sold for $66,000. I think this is way too much for anyone to spend on a set of chairs—but to be fair these chairs were made from Makassar ebony and had ivory inlay. To this day I remember that each chair …

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Carbide Bits vs. Steel: Shopping for Quality

Last month I bought a new (used) car. When searching for the right car, of course I did some basic research. First, I went to a few different mechanics with a list of models and asked them which ones they saw the least. Second, while driving around took notice of which older cars I saw on the road most often. But wait…what does this have anything to do with woodworking and why is this on a woodworking blog page? Just …

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