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Finishing Kitchen Cabinets

Framing an Add-On Room, Finishing Kitchen Cabinets

Framing Carpentry For well over a couple of weeks (and usually only for half a day as I do not last long in the Texas heat) I have been doing an add-on room.  I love framing carpentry, as it really does go from the ground up.  It also does not take long to show a great deal of progress. The homeowner expressed his amazement at how fast the walls were up (I surprised myself too!).  One reason was because the …

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New Tool, New Projects

New tools and projects go hand in hand. A new project unleashes a dream into the world. It is what a honeymoon is to the wedding ceremony, what putting up a tent is to a camping trip; it is cutting wood after drawing a plan.This month saw the start of a new stairway for the loft in our house. After reviewing many space saving stairway plans on the internet (a.k.a. Pinterest) I decided on purchasing a stair kit (Arke Karina). The stairs are in place and I am adding handrails now.

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table top

Tools of the Trade

The right tool for the job never fails. It just needs the right hands.The right tool for the job never fails. It just needs the right hands.The right tool in the hand of a skilled, practiced woodworker turns a beautiful act of nature into a wondrous work of art and function. So let me be the first to say I appreciate the skilled and industrious people who make the best tools for those of us who are learning the craft of wood.

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Looking Back in Time for Inspiration

As a furniture maker, it is always an interest of mine to gain inspiration wherever I can. Sometimes it is looking up at the skyscrapers in the city and using architectural designs for ideas, other times it comes from looking at a suspension bridge. But, my favorite source of inspiration is to look back in time. My favorite activity, aside from creating pieces of furniture for family and friends, is to take a Sunday drive into the country and walk …

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A Time Machine Would Have Saved Me Time…

As we all work hard and try to find the best and most efficient ways to work, we somehow miss something every once in a while and wish we could turn back the clock. It all began when I met with a builder who was finishing up a new elementary school. We were speaking because they had plans to put in hundreds of laminated counter tops throughout the school. This was a big job so I took it. To be …

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Signmaking & Lettering Bits: A Quick and Reliable Option for Signs

I was never a fan of CNC machines. Perhaps it was my traditional learning of hand techniques that turned me into a bit of a snob. There is romanticism about being in a quiet shop, just you, your hand tools and the shavings at your feet. One day we all come to a point where after cutting six dovetail drawers by hand and still having a few left, we start to wonder why we don’t just use a dovetail jig …

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Beautifully Simple Lonnie Bird Tambour Door Router Bit Set

Check out this Lonnie Bird Tambour Door Router Bit Set #54314 review by Stuart. Here are a few excerpts. Bird? Not Surfin Bird, not Larry Bird, but Lonnie Bird! If you haven’t heard of Lonnie Bird, he is a very well-known fine woodworker, educator, author. You may have heard/read/owned his Bandsaw Book, or a number of the awesome Taunton’s Illustrated books. So when Lonnie Bird speaks with Amana Tool® with a view to produce a set of Tambour Door Router …

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Carbide Bits vs. Steel: Shopping for Quality

Last month I bought a new (used) car. When searching for the right car, of course I did some basic research. First, I went to a few different mechanics with a list of models and asked them which ones they saw the least. Second, while driving around took notice of which older cars I saw on the road most often. But wait…what does this have anything to do with woodworking and why is this on a woodworking blog page? Just …

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How a Router and Router Bits Help with Field Work

Boy scouts and carpenters have something very much in common. When they are out in the field, they aim to “always be prepared”. As a child I was in the boy scouts and learned that sometimes you just can’t predict when you will need something. So the next lesson learned is to improvise. As a carpenter, we are often in the field when we realize that we either forgot something back in the shop, or, as we all do sometimes, …

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How a Flush Trim Router Bit and an Old Template Saved My Aunt Some Money.

A few months ago, I got a phone call from my aunt. She told me that while visiting her sister’s house (my other aunt), she was amazed at what beautiful work I did with the set of three nesting tables I made for their 30th wedding anniversary. She loved them so much that she and my uncle wanted to commission me to build them an identical set. So like any normal person who gets a request from family, money is …

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