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I am very happy to find the 2" diameter Ogee Router Bit becuase I was unableto find one anywhere else on the internet after a lengthy search

Almost arrived before I needed it, and was pleased to find that you had product that reflected the metrification of plywood thicknesses (12 mm is the new 1/2 Inch - almost (0.54 mm short))

Great website, all tools arranged perfectly with detail information, application and suggestion. I would highly recommend this website for all of your CNC bits, either for hobby or professional use

Very quick shipping and high quality products.

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Product Reviews

Tongue and Groove Shaper Cutters Highly recommend
Have used other aluminum cutting bits, but none compare with the quality cuts of these bits.
By Tomdigi
Ingroove Engraving System This tool is great
The V blades add a level of detail to my wood carvings that standard v bits dont give
By Krugshouse
Mini Flush Trim Router Bit The best I've seen
Cuts great, leaves a clean hole, and doesn't mark the surface.This countersink allows me to safely do that without damaging the surface.
By BLBench